Grim fantasy supplement for Dungeon World and Fate Core

Grim World

What’s inside the book:

  • 160+ pages
  • 7 new classes and playbooks
  • 15 playable species with special moves
  • 24 monsters with descriptions and moves
  • 40 additional Death Moves
  • Community contributions and more!
  • Lands of the Dead Locations by Adrian Thoen
  • Grim locations and the random Location Builder
  • 8 campaign starters (fronts/arcs)
  • 11 compendium classes
  • 31 cursed/magic items and the Cursed Item Toolkit to build your own
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Class Playbooks

7 deliciously grim, heavily playtested classes

The Battlemaster

TACTICAL MIND: Turn defeat into victory and reveal your master plan.

The Channeler

ELEMENTAL SUMMONER: Unleash raw magic if your flesh can bear it.

The Necromancer

FOUL MAGICIAN: Raise the dead to do your bidding.

The Shaman

TOTEM CARVER: Show the wisdom and power of spirits.

The Skirmisher

WIELDER OF SPEAR AND SHIELD: Draw out your enemy and strike.

The Slayer

WALKING ARSENAL: Satisfy your bloodthirst by slaying foes.

The Templar

HOLY INQUISITOR: Smite the unworthy with cleansing flame.

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