Announcing: The Ember Guard

It's time to start talking about our new video game project. Introducing...

The Ember Guard is a 1-4 player co-op tactical roguelike RPG with card driven battles, loot based deckbuilding, and meaningful story encounters. It's for PC/Mac/Linux (and perhaps other platforms later). Phew, buzzwords! Let's dive into what that all means.


Card Battles & Deckbuilding with Loot

Battles are fought with your character's deck of cards against monsters and bosses in turn-based combat. The twist is you can see exactly what the enemies are going to do on their turn. This opens the door to meaningful tactical play; more on this later!
The cards of your character's deck come from the items you choose to equip. Each randomly generated item consists of two cards, and potentially a passive or other stats. Do you want the heavy hitting Claymore with the double strike cards, or the Parrying Dagger with its defensive and setup strikes?
Your deck is only 10 cards (5 items). That means no filler cards; every choice is crucial to how you build your character. You'll have some other choices, such as class abilities, but we'll talk more about that in a future post.

1-4 Player Tactical Co-op (Local/Online)

Players take the role of powerful members of The Ember Guard, civilization's first and only line of defense in a hostile, broken world. The group you control is made up of four characters each with their own deck and abilities.
Battles are fast and ruthless. You'll need pick which cards to use wisely, factoring in not only what the enemy is going to do, but what danger your teammates might be in or how you can best aid them. Coordination is key. It's quite the feeling when you play all the right cards to completely counter your enemy's actions and achieve victory.

Roguelike RPG & Story Encounters

Alongside randomly generated missions, battles, and items, you'll unlock new classes, new cards, new areas, and handcrafted challenges and boss missions. We're doing new and exciting things on this "persistence layer" as we call it (stay tuned).
During missions, you'll encounter story events that give context to the battles you'll inevitably fight. Each character must make their choice on how to respond and together your actions will have powerful consequences. These aren't just random outcomes like some games. You'll know what you're getting yourself into when you make a risky choice.

The Future

Pretty cool right? We're just getting started. Check back here regularly for more details, art, and news. You can also sign up for the mailing list here (we promise to respect your inbox).

We (Deanna, David, and Trenton) are excited to share more with you soon!