Campaign and story

Emberscape is a tactical co-op action game at it’s core, but great gameplay needs a great setting to go along with it. After much internal debate, we’ve decided to go with a fairly traditional series of missions. Each mission will have multiple difficulties and support different sized play groups, from single player up to 4 players. If you’re just starting out with this sort of game you can play through the entire campaign on the default difficulty. If you’re a steely veteran you can jump straight to the most difficult setting. You choose the difficulty before each mission so you can mix it up on a level-by-level basis.

Screenshot of Lobby

Before each mission there is a bit of the storyline as part of a completely optional briefing. If you’re not into story you can just go! go! go! straight into the mission, but if you dig a unique magitech world we’re very confident you’ll discover characters and settings you will enjoy through character dialog and occasional in-game sequences. Still this is an action game, so don’t expect 10 minute cutscenes anywhere. We’ll have more to say about the story later but for now I can say the story centers on the crew of a skyship. Through those characters and the various people (and sometimes non-people) they interact with, you’ll come to learn about a world torn apart by magic and under assault by an inscrutable enemy.

Animation of dialog between two characters

We are currently gearing up for our Kickstarter launch in about a month. More game details will be coming as well as a sweet trailer to accompany the Kickstarter campaign. If you haven’t yet subscribed, use the box on the right hand side to join our zero-spam mailing list and we’ll let you know when the Kickstarter campaign is launching.

Initial character designs

In the demo we’ll be showing at Phoenix Comicon this year, we have 2 characters that demonstrate some of the diversity you’ll find in Emberscape.


The emberform is a warrior mage that has used emberstone not as a foci as an embermage would, but to transform herself into a living weapon. Favoring agility and precision and utilizing a wide range of spells, the emberform is a good choice for players who like to dance around the battlefield evading their foes while setting up crippling strikes.


Emberform3d front

Emberform3d back


The front line soldier of the Ember Guard, the golem is a rock steady addition to any fighting force. Armored and resilient, with devastating sweep attacks, a stunning leap, and the ability to hold whole waves at bay, the golem is a good choice for players who enjoy getting (and staying) into the fray.


Golem3d front

Golem3d back

Phoenix Comicon 2015

We’re excited to be attending the AZ Video Game Showcase as part of Phoenix Comicon 2015. We’ll be showing off Emberscape in the Gilbert room of the Hyatt Regency Thursday – Sunday from 10am – 5pm. If you’re in the area, swing by and give the game a try.


Gilbert Room
Hyatt Regency Phoenix
122 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

10 AM to 5 PM Thursday – Sunday


Welcome to the new Boldly Games blog! Here we’ll be sharing details of the games we are working on. First up, Emberscape, a co-op action wave defense game.

A fresh mix of action and strategy

Emberscape features a mix of high action and strategic decisions about defense placement. Spend your build points wisely during the build phase to maximize your chances at surviving the next wave of attackers. During the combat phase, use a variety of customizable skills in conjunction with your traps to lay waste to the oncoming menace. Neither player abilities nor traps alone will be able to defend you from the threat you face.

Work in progress footage of Emberscape combat

Co-op to the core

Emberscape has been constructed to be co-op from the start. Unlike many games that advertise co-op simply because multiple players can play together, Emberscape’s traps and abilities are designed to be most effective when used together. Players can only choose a limited number of both traps and abilities, so combining the effects of each is crucial to overcoming the game’s harder challenges. If you like the rush of overcoming a tough challenge as a team, whether that be a boss fight, a great PvP match, or a co-op puzzle, you’ll love Emberscape. If you’re more of a solo player, that’s okay too, the game features many maps suitable for solo play as well.

Skill based

Finally, Emberscape is a game built around a respect for the skill of the player and their playstyle. Even if you’ve never played a video game before there are challenges appropriate for you and your friends. If you’re a veteran player we definitely have many options to let your play group tune the challenge to your liking. Along the way you’ll unlock a large of variety of traps and skills to choose from, allowing you to pick a playstyle that is all your own but never at the expense of a micro-transaction or grind. There’s no XP or levels to obtain here, instead you’ll find carefully crafted challenges that encourage you to explore the vast number of interactions between all your available skills and traps.

Stay informed

We’ll be posting lots more about Emberscape in the days to come. If you want to know when the game is available or when we’ll be showing it off at various events, you can sign up for our zero spam mailing list here.